Release Date:  18.11.2009
Label: Bullroser Records
Code: bull014
EAN: 6430028620395

Mehida is a melodic metal band from with a crushing sound. The band comes from Finland/Sweden and plays melodic metal smoothly mixing elements from many different genres from progressive pop to harder metal. The band has a strong characteristic style, which makes it easy to recognize from the other bands.   The band line-up includes ex- members from Sonata Arctica and Candlemass.   Singer Thomas Vikstrom (Therion) is known for his wide scale extraordinary vocal work, while the songwriter Mikko Harkin has a great talent of creating catchy melodic songs with interesting musical elements. Strong guitars played with rough touch give a unique dark edge to the songs, while the ambient synthesizer soundscapes bring in the atmosphere. All this combined with precise drumming and intense bass playing makes the band sound complete.   The band’s debut album “Blood & Water” was released in 2007. The album gained great feedback from the media and got airplay in the radio stations throughout the world. Through their patient work the band has created a strong foundation for a long term success. The guys are serious and professional with their work, and have lots of experience in live performance and working both in studio and on stage.    

Press quotes:   8+/10   (fin) 80/100 (usa)  4/5 (fin)  4/5 (fin)  

The Band: Thomas Vikström – vocals
Mikko Härkin – keyboards
Toni Mäki-Leppilampi – bass
Olli Tanttu – guitar
Jani Stefanovic – guitar
Markus Niemispelto – drums    

Tracklisting :

1. Wrath of Flesh Fellowship
2. Masquerade
3. Until the Day Breaks
4. Land of Oblivion
5. Dream Giver
6. Draw Near to My Soul
7. Abandoned
8. A Block of Wood
9. Where Could I Flee
10. Urban Scream
11. Celestial Tears


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