BEC Recordings’ and international rock artist Manafest (aka Chris Greenwood) will be releasing his fifth label studio project, Fighter, on April 10th.  Produced by Adam Messinger (Justin Bieber) and Seth Mosley (Newsboys), Fighter vents the Toronto native’s losses and draws hurting people toward inspiration like never before. With great hope, the starting title track crunches down hard on life’s oppression while Manafest retells his story to encourage others going through their own hard times.
A fighter himself, Manafest knows what it means to have a fight. His uphill climb began at age five when his father committed suicide. Years of childhood insecurity and fear gave way to a promising skateboarding career, but then an injury took that away, too. Music soon filled the void, and it would prove to be a perfect fit.
“Whether it’s family, personal, or professional, it’s been a fight,” he says of a life and career that, despite their many layers and successes, are really just beginning to step into the ring. “I’ve had the willingness to bear pain to get through all this, and I’m winning now. Fighter was made to keep bringing a light to people; keep fighting.”
Since 2001, Manafest has battled his way into the business—playing a thousand shows in nine countries, winning an armload of industry awards – including nine GMA Covenant Awards, two Juno and four Dove Award nominations, and gaining recent victories like his first No. 1 hit, “Bring the Ruckus.” His 2010 release, The Chase, blew up in Japan, quadrupling sales of previous efforts.
“Never Let You Go,” Fighter’s lead CHR single, shows the softer, more spiritually reflective side of Manafest’s endless pursuit.  The title track is currently at Rock radio and charting in the Top 5. This week Manafest also debuted the new music video for the song “Pushover,” click here to view.  “Pushover” shouts out against bullying, another chapter in Manafest’s early life that helps him relate to what many of his younger fans are likely going through today.
Manafest continues to tour heavily as he finishes the REDvolution tour next week with RED and Thousand Foot Krutch. In 2011, Manafest was seen on tour with Newsboys, Skillet and TFK.  This summer fans can catch Manafest on all major festivals such as Spirit West Coast, Creation East and West and Ichthus.

ABOUT MANAFEST: Over the past 11 years, Chris Greenwood has used the moniker Manafest to organically build his fan base playing hundreds of shows on three continents.  In 2006, Manafest released Glory from which the rock anthem “Impossible,” featuring Thousand Foot Krutch’s Trevor McNevan, became a global hit. In 2008, Manafest followed up with Citizens Activ, which catapulted success garnering multiple TV placements and his overall presence in the US and internationally. In 2010, Manafest released his most critically acclaimed project, The Chase, which he received his second JUNO Award nomination as well as won the 2010 GMA Canada Award. In June 2011, Manafest released his first self-titled live DVD / CD. Touring worldwide Manafest has also traveled to the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan and United States.
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