Kings and Daughters is the new project from Carlos Salazar, previously in Before There Was Rosalyn. The band is premiering their newest track, featuring Shane Raymond formerly of Close Your Eyes, exclusively through HM, called “The Salient: A Ravaging Beast.” In an effort to help raise money for a cause, Kings and Daughters is offering up the song as a free download, but they are encouraging downloaders to donate. (Read below for vocalist Carlos Salazar’s direct words.)

About the song in Salazar’s words (verbatim):

The Salient: A Ravaging Beast (feat. Shane Raymond of ex-Close Your Eyes)

I was once young & invincible. I remember our first kiss & nights I thought would never end, but time makes liars & fools of us all. Tread softly. You tread on my dreams. Time romances with a smile. It betrays with a kiss. Such a mortal thing to immortalize. Time is a siren in love with the sound of our song.

They say you never forget your first love but I’d like to forget the rest. Here’s a toast to things we thought would never end & the dreams we thought would never die. Such a mortal thing to immortalize. So here’s the song you always wanted & the words I’d swear I never wrote. Take & guard & keep them better than the ring you didn’t want. Know that you are forgiven, always & forever. But the period at the end of this sentence is the last thought I’ll ever waste on you.

The Salient is quite possibly the most naked I’ve ever been as a writer, & having Shane come in & undertake that endeavor with me was such a meaningful experience for me. We’ve known each other for a while & everyone in Rosalyn was a big fan of Close Your Eyes, so it really meant a lot to me that he would lend his voice to the song. … In giving away the song for free, & eventually also the EP, we hope that people will understand that we are just looking to share something with them that is special to us. For the free download of The Salient : A Ravaging Beast we are asking anyone who would be interested to donate to the Benefit Show happening for Pam Robinson, who has been a staple of the Houston music scene for the last decade. She’s owned several music venues in the heart of downtown & some of my favorite memories of being in a band happened in a venue she owned. Like the very first time our band ever played with As Cities Burn & Maylene & I thought life would never get better than those moments. She was recently diagnosed with cancer & a benefit is being thrown on Sept 6th to help with medical bills & anything else that she might need. For now folks can donate straight to the Kings & Daughters Paypal at


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