The Cook brothers, formally known as A Hill to Die Upon, recently dropped a lyric video for the newest track, “Satan Speaks,” off their latest album, Holy Despair. Michael had this to say to HM about the record:

We actually approached this album differently than our previous two. First, it must be said that we’ve been growing tired of the constant “breaking boundaries” that bands claim. Usually it is the same music over and over. Nothing new. Then, when I came across J.R.R. Tolkien’s idea that there is only one story ever told and that every story is merely a variation of this story, it made me view art in a whole new way. Art that tries to break the boundaries for its own sake will probably not accomplish much. However, if someone tried to be the best artist at what they know (painting, country, jazz), innovation will happen.

To note, lyrics by C.S. Lewis. Bang your head.