Behold, the third album from My Epic, will be released on Dec. 10, but here’s the first single, “Curse.”

Jason Dunn, owner of Facedown Records, spoke with HM about the My Epic record and more:

(This year) has been another great year for Facedown, with incredible releases from Extol, Colossus, Those Who Fear, Hope For The Dying and so many more. I could not be more excited to end the year with two of Facedown’s finest releases in the history of our label: My Epic’s Behold and Everything In Slow Motion’s Phoenix.

Both of these albums are nothing short of incredible, and it’s an honor to be able to release them both, especially on the same day! Both of these albums are already at the top of my 2013 list and I’m sure they will be on many others as soon as people have the opportunity to hear them in their entirety.

*Metal horns*!