Levi the Poet has announced the release of his second Come & Live offering, Seasons, which will be available on a pay-what-you-feel basis beginning December 11th.

After a trying period in Levi Macallister’s life, the Levi the Poet project has turned a page and welcomed new elements into the already unique experience that Macallister has spent the last several years honing. Macallister views the new chapter in his own light:

Seasons carries the idea of change, and I wanted Levi The Poet to change. I wanted the poems to carry more hope than they had in the past. Seasons is truly the most personal, heart wrenching work I’ve put together. It will be reflected in the videos that come out, in the subsequent releases to follow it and in the lyrics themselves; working through the pain of my father’s suicide, the wickedness of my heart and its proclivities towards pride, rebellion and idolatry.”

Seasons will be available starting December 11th at www.comeandlive.com.

Upcoming Tour Dates for Levi the Poet:

11/13 Oro Valley, AZ. Oro Valley Church of Nazerene

11/14 Phoenix, AZ.

11/15 Yuma, AZ. Vertical Church

11/16 Oceanside, CA. House Venue

11/17 Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The Nitty Gritty

11/20 Camarillo, CA. Element Coffee

11/29 Bakersfield, CA. Hope Village

11/30 Fresno, CA. Kuppajoe

12/1 Santa Rosa, CA.

12/2 Modesto, CA. Mill Creek

12/3 Newcastle, CA. Calvary Chapel Newcastle

12/5 Oregon City, OR. Oregon City Evangelical Church

12/7 Portland, OR.

12/8 Puyallup, WA. The Office

12/11 Coeur D’alene, ID. Calypsos Coffee

12/13 Twin Falls, ID. Higher Ground Coffee Shop

12/15 Pagosa Springs, CO. 2 Chicks and a Hippie Bakery







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