Dark Night of the Soul

US-based thrash metal band LAST RITES will independently release their debut album, “Dark Night of the Soul”, on March 17th“Dark Night of the Soul” will be exclusively distributed through Nokternal Hemizphear (USA – www.nhmetal.com).  The album was recorded in a home studio in the US and mastered by Dave Flitton of Writ in Water Sound Creations (http://www.myspace.com/wiwrecords).

The track listing is as follows:

01. Invocation
02. Confessions
03. Cross Not Taken
04. Within the Fire of Your Soul
05. End of Days
06. The Exorcism
07. Lorica
08. Say What You Mean

09. Pillar of the Cloud

10. Song from a Child

11. Last Rites

Album info and links below:

In this dark world, can you see the light? At times does it feel that God has withdrawn from our presence? Have you suffered a dark night of the soul?

This is the soundtrack for these times! Inspired by personal struggles and triumphs, “Dark Night of the Soul” is sure to touch your soul intimately. Lyrically profound, personal, and inspiring, this piece of thrash metal artistry was forged from the best of thrash metal in its heyday. “Dark Night” will please fans of old – school Metallica, Megadeth, and Tourniquet. Very heavily progressive, Last Rites takes an old style and puts a new twist on it. You will hear folk influences in the Celtic – infused “Lorica” Beautiful church organ tones juxtaposed to crushing guitars in “Cross Not Taken” Bass guitar solos flying overhead in “Confessions” and even a rocking power ballad in “The Pillar of the Cloud”.

If you miss the glory days of thrash metal but don’t want the “same ‘ol, same ol'”, then Last Rites’ “Dark Night of the Soul” needs to find its way to you! If you want music to stir your soul, “Dark Night of the Soul” is what you need. If you want truly Christian music with an uncompromising message of hope and mercy in this world filled with hate, you need to pick up Last Rites’ “Dark Night of the Soul”!

Tracks available for streaming at:

Last Rites’ Official MySpace:


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Nokternal Hemizphear Official MySpace:


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