Former Before There Was Rosalyn vocalist Carlos Salazar and guitarist Trent Gibson have started a new band, Kings and Daughters, and are set to release their debut EP, The Lion, free for download on Dec. 4 through HM.

OnTheAttack Records will press and release a very limited amount of physical copies, which you can pre-order for $5 and will be available a month earlier (Nov. 4) than the free-to-download release.

You can listen to their first single, “Of Judah,” below.

From Salazar:

Trent and I set out to make some honest music, and we knew from the get go we wanted to give away our music for free. I think when you do that, people know that it’s really just about the songs and nothing else. No image. No hype. Just rock and roll. OnTheAttack Records understood we wanted to make an impact, and was encouraging about the way we set out to do things. We love the idea that someone can choose to purchase a physical copy of our EP with artwork and lyrics, or just download the songs for free without feeling like they are failing us in some way.

We are excited to share the music, and (we are) hopeful it might mean something to someone else.

Kings and Daughters will play their first show in their hometown of Houston, TX, also on Nov. 4.


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