JesusFreakHideout Releases Second Compilation Album,
Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t), Volume Two

Volume One Still Available for Download
Announces Top Albums of 2012™ (JFH), one of the world’s largest Christian music online resources, released a second compilation album, Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t), Volume Two. After a successful Volume One release in June, is excited for listeners to discover fresh new music on Volume Two. has assembled many of their favorite unsigned or indie label artists for their second volume.  This free digital download features an astounding 38 tracks, including an exclusive demo from The Fold and new music from Arrows and Sound, Jason Dunn, Natalie LaRue and Big Tent Revival. The full track listing is below. Download the compilation for freehere.
The first compilation album, Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t), Volume One has been a huge success with over 17,600 downloads since June. Visithere to download Volume One.
Along with the release of their second compilation, JFH is announcing their editor picks for the Top Albums of 2012. Rounding out the top ten are Anberlin, The Classic Crime, House of Heroes, Project 86, Andrew Peterson, Showbread, David Crowder Band, Flyleaf, August Burns Red and Demon Hunter. For the full list of winners, visit this link
About Jesusfreakhideout:
Created in August of 1996 as what originated as a small webpage titled “The Jesus Freak Hideout,” the site was the flourishing creation of music fan and graphic designer John DiBiase. In addition to the message of the music in the Christian industry, JFH believes in pursuing excellence artistically in the quality of the music that artists produce in the name of Jesus.
ALBUM LISTING FOR Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t), Volume Two:
  1. Spiral [ft Beth Bullock] (from EP “Glow”) (7:38) – Andy Hunter
  2. Someone (from album “Young Man Follow”) (4:02) – Future Of Forestry
  3. Charlie Brown’s Lament (from EP “Under The New Sun”) (2:54) – Smalltown Poets
  4. Live Forever [Demo] (from upcoming album “Moving Past”) (4:12) – The Fold
  5. Great Lengths [Live] (from new live album, “Minneapolis”) (2:41) – PFR
  6. Keep Beating (from album “Arrows and Sound”) (3:22) – Arrows and Sound
  7. Finn Hatches A Plan (from album “Hours”) (5:37) – Falling Up
  8. Hallelujah (from EP “Rehearsals”) (4:00) – The Digital Age
  9. Lost Boy (from album “The Way Back Home”) (3:41) – Big Tent Revival
  10. Big Strong Hands (from EP “Those We Were”) (3:37) – Running After Rockets
  11. Great Is Thy Faithfulness (from album “Roots Run Deep(er)”) (3:26) – Jadon Lavik
  12. Back To You (from EP “Even Now”) (4:15) – Natalie LaRue
  13. Jesus Shall Reign (from EP “Part One”) (4:00) – The Silver Pages
  14. Ghosts (from album “Keep Quiet”) (5:54) – Sons**
  15. The Call (from album “More Than Conquerors”) (4:43) – Least of These***
  16. Desolation (from “Love & Desolation”) (3:31) – Andrew Huang
  17. Comeback Kid (from mixtape “Friendly Fire”) (3:22) – Heir Jordan
  18. Wild-Fire! (from mixtape “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”) (2:51) – Espio
  19. Pharisee Of The State (from album “The Truth About Man”) (3:52) – Owen Pye
  20. Coming Up (from EP “World”) (3:24) – Scientist
  21. Unbelievable (from album “Electric Delta”) (2:56) – Sean Michel
  22. Live To Fight (from album “Playing With Fire”) (3:31) – Phao
  23. Black Heart Hearse (from album “The WitcHunt”) (2:27) – White Collar Sideshow***
  24. Lazarus (Single) (4:08) – Exiting The Fall
  25. Devil May Care (Demo) (3:49) – Never Buried*
  26. Like A Corpse (from “Mythos”) (3:06) – Soul Embraced*
  27. The Lion’s Teeth (Single) (3:50) – Every Knee Shall Bow*
  28. Maps (from album “XVII”) (4:58) – Southlen
  29. My Hunter (from “My Hunter (Acoustic EP)”) (5:46) – Dearest Brother
  30. Robbers (from album “Distances”) (3:03) – Canopy Climbers
  31. Shall We Gather at the River? (from EP “The River”) (4:00) – Wayfarer
  32. Sons and Daughters (from “The Likeness EP”) (6:01) – Tongue&Pen***
  33. Stay (from album “The Shadows Left Me Alive”) (6:08) – Glowhouse
  34. Second Chances (B-Side) (3:26) – Jason Dunn
  35. Lights (from album “Pioneer”) (4:41) – Pioneer**
  36. The Stranger (from album “Lions”) (7:01) – Ravenhill
  37. BONUS: O Come Emmanuel (Single) (4:07) – WILKES
  38. BONUS: Tumblin’ Sampler (3:58) – DJ Maj
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