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Looking for some new tunes to rock out to this summer? Well put your hardcore dancing shoes on, because the search ends here, with Islander. This Greenville, S.C. band has just released their second EP, Pains. Let me be the first to say it’s dripping with epic rhythmic endings and tasteful bass lines. Their musicianship has improved both lyrically and instrumentally since their first EP, Side Effects of Youth.

With backgrounds in other bands such as Flyleaf, The Chariot, As I Lay Dying and Stretch Arm Strong, the guys in Islander are able to bring a diversity to the band that is obvious in the music. This is an album you would want to spin when you’re ready to get loud, because it never lets up. In it, you will find lyrics so open and universal it is easy to make each song personal and all your own. With its catchy chorus lines and dance-core breakdowns, you might want to keep an eye peeled for foreign fists or other body parts thrashing in pure mosh mode.

Among these tracks lies a song featuring H.R. (Human Rights), lead singer of the hardcore punk band Bad Brains, and it’s a solid pairing. With the release of their new EP, Islander also made time to shoot a video for their song “New Colors,” which they shot, directed and edited in its entirety. These days, it’s refreshing to see a band come out with hard work and drive, go the distance to do everything for themselves and end up with a great formula and booming music.


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