Indie Vision Music is back with a brand new compilation titled “Family & Friends Sampler 1” featuring 20 great tracks from a variety of bands and spanning a wide range of genres. This sampler is available on CD and Digital here with more digital stores becoming available soon. Click below to see full track listing including new songs from Craig’s Brother, Dogwood, Light The Way, Fire The Sun, and more….

Indie Vision Music Presents “Family & Friends Sampler 1”


  1. Craig’s Brother – Meilynn’s Song
  2. Light The Way – Snapping Necks and Cashing Checks
  3. Dogwood – Titles (Demo)
  4. Fire The Sun – The Volume of Silence
  5. Must Build Jacuzzi – Swing Set Summer
  6. Delta Fleet – Traffic
  7. Young Poet – Stretch Armstrong
  8. Mainframe – Undivided Devotion
  9. At The Wayside – How We Live
  10. American Arson – Revival In My Lungs
  11. Blank Pages – I’ll Be There
  12. Pleading Guilty – Eye2Eye
  13. Mainsail – My Storm
  14. Voyagers – Warning Sign
  15. 2Minute Minor – Change My Life
  16. TAKE – More To Live For
  17. Longing To Be Found – One Day
  18. I Still Dream – Eternia
  19. Eaves – Whispers
  20. Hostile Array – Devoid


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