Howdy?  If you’re the the Houston area on Saturday April 28th, I invite you to this year’s Big Huge Multi-genre Christian Indie Music Mega Fest! The event will be held at

Saint Giles Presbyterian Church 5900 Pinemont, Houston, TX,  77018.

The event will be from 12noon-9pm.  There’s no admission charge.
I have attached a flyer to this email.  Here’s this years line up.

12pm – Loretta 12pm- Loretta Williams Gurnel (gospel)
1pm – Halal JahJehovahnce Team (worship dance)
2pm – Tawana (contemporary Christian pop)
3pm – Mike Lazor (Instrumental Worship)
4pm – Pairadox “Readore brothers” (acoustic bluegrass)
5pm – Mindy Salazar (folk rock)
6pm – Jim Gill & the Cracked Potz n>b>(music comedy)
7pm – Bro Ernie (rock)
8pm – Water 2 Wine (praise worship)


Payable on Death – P.O.D.

A Voice of Life

Almost 27 years after the band's first studio album, P.O.D.'s message is arguably more important than ever. "I believe (our message) is even more relevant now than it was then. If you really listen to 'Youth of the Nation,' we still have these tragedies going on. There’s a lot of searching still going on out there."


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