Indie favorites From Indian Lakes have a beautifully melancholy album coming out today, but Triple Crown Records are giving fans an opportunity to stream the album for free right now on Youtube.  Listen now and support the band by picking up a copy of Absent Sounds if you dig it.

To promote the release, they’ve booked a week of in-store performances throughout the southwestern U.S. If you don’t live in that region, catch them on tour with Relient K and Blondfire this fall.

In-Store Performances:

  • Oct 7th   –  San Diego, CA
  • Oct 9th   –  Sacramento, CA
  • Oct 11th  –  San Francisco, CA
  • Oct 26th  – Albuquerque, NM
  • Oct 27th  –  Lubbock, TX
  • Oct 29th  –  Little Rock, AR

Relient K and Blondfire:

  • Oct 30th  –  Louisville, KY*
  • Oct 31st  –  Cincinnati, OH
  • Nov 1st  –  Chicago, IL
  • Nov 2nd  –  Minneapolis, MN
  • Nov 3rd  –  Des Moines, IA*
  • Nov 4th  –  Denver, CO
  • Nov 5th  –  Salt Lake City, UT
  • Nov 6th  –  Boise, ID
  • Nov 7th  –  Seattle, WA
  • Nov 8th  –  Portland, OR
  • Nov 9th  –  Sacramento, CA
  • Nov 11th  –  San Francisco, CA
  • Nov 12th  –  West Hollywood, CA
  • Nov 13th  –  San Diego, CA
  • Nov 14th  –  Pomona, CA
  • Nov 15th  –  Las Vegas, NV
  • Nov 16th  –  Mesa, AZ
  • Nov 18th  –  Tulsa, OK
  • Nov 19th  –  Dallas, TX
  • Nov 20th  –  Austin, TX
  • Nov 21st  –  Houston, TX
  • Nov 22nd  –  New Orleans, LA
  • Nov 24th  –  Jacksonville, FL
  • Nov 25th  –  Orlando, FL
  • Nov 26th  –  Atlanta, GA
  • Nov 28th  –  Charlotte, NC
  • Nov 29th  –  Saxapahaw, NC
  • Nov 30th  –  Silver Spring, MD
  • Dec 1st  –  Nutley, NJ*
  • Dec 2nd  –  Philadelphia, PA
  • Dec 3rd  –  Boston, MA
  • Dec 4th  –  New York, NY
  • Dec 5th  –  Pittsburgh, PA
  • Dec 6th  –  Columbus, OH
  • Dec 9th  –  Grand Rapids, MI
  • Dec 10th  –  Detroit, MI
  • Dec 11th  –  Indianapolis, IN
  • Dec 12th  –  Nashville, TN
  • Dec 13th  –  St. Louis, MO*
  • Dec 14th  –  Oklahoma City, OK*
  • Dec 17th  –  Tucson, AZ*
  • Dec 19th  –  Fresno, CA*

* – Denotes show not part of the Relient K MMHMM Ten Year Anniversary Tour


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