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Victor Griffin, the riff master of such powerhouse doom acts as Place of Skulls and Pentagram, is back with a new band: Victor Griffin’s In-Graved. The trademark sound and style of his previous efforts are showcased, and the band will have fans eagerly awaiting its live shows.
But it all comes down to the songs, and these tracks don’t disappoint. My personal favorite is “Late For an Early Grave.” Most of the songs have a strong blues-y, doomy, heavy feel with a lot of great melodies.

The production elements are up to snuff, and each instrument has its own territory. Nothing is buried, and the sounds of each instrument are not hampered. Griffin’s Christian worldview is evident even in the songs where God is not mentioned directly.

Victor Griffin’s In-Graved is great blues-y heavy metal with strong biker/doom metal overtones. The songs kick and have great melody, so pick this album up and be prepared for some serious heavy metal action.