Impending Doom, a cornerstone in the deathcore genre, appears to be recently-reactivated and is currently in the studio working on a new album. Vocalist Brook Reeves’ goregrind guild has been hinting at their renewed recording activity in updates to the band’s online outlets. The latest Facebook post from the carnage-consumed quintet assured fans that Impending Doom’s sixth studio album will be even heavier than their previous five full-lengths of devout deathcore.

The band first announced something was afoot last fall. Although unconfirmed at present, the new album is expected to be released by Facedown Records, as the band’s original label has joined in on the Doom-related dispatches. Impending Doom’s last album, 2013’s Death Will Reign, was issued by eOne Music. The band played their first show in three years at the annual Facedown Fest back in May.

Demoing out which songs will make the next Doom record… #doomnation #impendingdoom

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