Master Illusionist Harris III Announces Kickstarter Campaign for Upcoming Feature-Length DVD Release
Filmed in the USA and Europe, the feature-length production combines live performances of illusions blended within an artistic film short.

Master Illusionist Harris III recently announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to complete his first full-length DVD, Harris III – Master Illusionist. Filmed in the USA and Europe, Harris III has created a never-before-seen presentation that is unmatched and uniquely original.

The feature-length production combines live performances of illusions blended within an artistic film short. The beautifully shot featurette centers around a 1920’s boy who learns both magic and the lessons of life from a master illusionist. Loosely based on Harris III’s own evolution, the boy – turned headstrong young magician – is determined to outdo the Great Houdini. The story’s lessons raise the curtain on the perils of pride, the dangers of deception, and the transforming magic of finding one’s true purpose. In the words of the boy’s teacher, “The chains of deception have many locks. But for everything there is a key.”

A classically trained, award-winning master illusionist, Harris III has spent the majority of his young life dazzling audiences. His performances have been featured on literally thousands of stages throughout the United States, and his magic-with-a-message has captured the spotlight in over 15 countries on 5 continents.

Harris III’s performances not only amaze his audiences, but also awaken them to the lure of deception, the power of the senses, and the secret of living life based on deeper realities. For Harris III, magic consists of so much more than simple tricks. To him, it’s about creating works of aesthetic value that create a sense of wonder. Put simply, Harris III is elevating the art of illusion to its original place in the performing arts. You can forget what you know about typical illusionists—no cheesy tuxedos or cheap, colorful tubes and boxes. It is not just about what audiences see, but about what they experience. And better yet, what they feel. This is magic at its best, and truly, a creative work of art.

“Almost 20 years ago now, my grandmother left a small box of magic tricks under the Christmas tree,” says Harris III. “At 9 years old, I could have never expected that simple gift to begin a journey that would take me literally, around the world, and eventually, to this moment.”

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