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I’m excited to announce that myself and a group of close friends are going to be heading over to India to film a documentary called “Uncle America”. My business partner and friend, Steve Hoover, has been planning a documentary for some time now about the work his friend Rocky Braat is doing.

Rocky left America to go to India to serve orphans who have all been infected with AIDS. But the story goes further than that: I encourage you to read the full synopsis of the film.

We want people to watch this film and humbly question the depth of their love for humanity.  We have been inspired by Rocky, and only wish to create a conduit through which others can also be inspired.  Most of all, we want to tell a story that takes us from a life destined for middle-American success to an impoverished orphanage and all the while repeats the idea that love is not a part time job.  That love can do just as much good in Pittsburgh as it can in India.

We are looking for assistance in funding the project. We don’t care about profit. Every single person involved in this project is working for free. We are attempting to get $8,000-10,000, the majority of which is travel costs for four crew members. When the documentary is complete, we will be selling a DVD, the proceeds of which will be sent to help the orphanage.

We just hope that you take a moment to either download our proposal or visit our project page at Kickstarter to read about the full scope of the project. Our Kickstarter account offers some great incentives to donating such as DVDs, Shirts, etc.

In addition to that, if you are in support of what we’re trying to accomplish, we ask that you forward this to friends, post it on Facebook or twitter, and just pass it along.

All the necessary links and downloads can be found below:

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read through this and consider helping out with this project. Thank you!

‘I often wonder what would it look like if all people resisted the temptation to focus on themselves and truly poured themselves out for the benefit of others.’ -Rocky Braat

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