Today Hope for the Dying released their Facedown debut Dissimulation which is striking a chord with reviewers everywhere. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this album yet, please do! Interested in setting up an interview with the band or running a contest to promote the album? Get in touch by responding to this email.

Their ability to transcend the genre is impressive… – lmpmagazine
Dramatic, intense guitar-driven metal. The arrangement of symphonic elements throughout the album are dramatic, moving and emotionally

The entire album flows perfectly from beginning to end. Dissimulation is one of the best metal albums to come around in a while. –
If you haven’t heard of Hope for the Dying, then you
Do not overlook this Facedown gem. This is new, this is
Dissimulation is available now from Facedown Records.

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Hope for the Dying “Dissimulation”
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