Birmingham, AL-based Meadows is set to release their first new music in two years, an album called Likewise, on March 24. Today, HM is proud to premiere the eponymous first single and music video from that work. (Pre-orders for Likewise are available now through the band’s store.)

“It’s a song that details the struggle of understanding that true freedom is found through Christ alone,” vocalist Christian Nielsen told HM about the song. “The mental image painted being the heart chained and imprisoned, tied down by self guilt and having a longing to be set free. It’s a song of honesty, transparency, and hope, in a time and setting that can easily seem hopeless.”

Nielsen spoke further about putting together the music video, noting how important the location was for the shoot.

“Shooting the video at Lake Purdy was such a surreal experience for all of us. Having all grown up in Birmingham, Lake Purdy is actually a main water source for us. When we shot the video, Birmingham had just entered into a Stage 4 drought that broke the state record for consistent days without rain. You couldn’t wash your car, water your yard like you normally would, it was unlawful to burn anything, some restaurants were even charging for tap water. The lake was close to gone in some spots. You can see a small river running directly behind us. That was just about all that was remaining of our lake and our water supply. The symbolism between the song and the setting holds onto hope, even in hopelessness.”

The band previously released the EP Accretion in 2014. You can find Meadows on Facebook.


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