Today, HM is proud to premiere new song, “Wanderer,” by post-hardcore band Softspoken. The Florence, KY-based band will release their debut EP, Pathways, in March 2017. “Wanderer” is the first single from the EP. The work was produced by Cameron Mizell at Chango Studios and combines an eclectic mix of energized rock and ambient post-metal. “We use different time signatures,” vocalist Chris Wethington told us. “We primarily sing over heavier parts where screaming is the norm.”

He elaborated further on the meaning behind the song:

“Wanderer, is really about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes who’s struggling to meet their needs, who’s fighting or running from a problem, who’s struggled and given up, or been given up on, etc. and trying to see the world from their eyes. We’re all people and we’re all connected.”

Jam the new track below, and read on to find out more about the song’s inception.

What else inspired you about to write the song?
The inspiration for “Wanderer” came from things we saw and people we met while on our trek from Kentucky to Arizona to record. The area where we stayed during recording wasn’t really a bad area, but, for whatever reason, there were a lot of people who were down on their luck, homeless or without much.

It was the first time to Arizona for all of us, so, naturally, we felt like we had wandered into this area where we were complete outsiders. That’s not to say we thought ourselves better than anyone, we were just somewhere new. But, as we interacted with people — a homeless gentleman, a guy who wanted to bum a cigarette, a worker at Subway — we realized most people were from somewhere else.

We didn’t know the life stories of these people, but something in their lives had caused them to move and to end up in the same place we were at that point in time. For those who were struggling, something had gotten them to that point, but like us they were in the middle of their journeys, still wanderers.


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