Pyrite Sidewalk

Today, HM is proud to premiere the full stream of Pyrite Sidewalk’s upcoming release, rôr′shäk, a day before it’s released. The California-based alternative rock band has a throwback New Jersey/Long Island-influenced sound, with nods to the ’00s post-hardcore and alternative scene.

We spoke with vocalist Jake Stai about the release:

We’ve been working extremely hard on this record, and we’re very excited to hear our fans’ feedback on ror’shak’. We tried to be as real as possible, and we’re excited to have this as our debut with Manic Kat Records. There’s an amazing team behind us who share our passion for this album. We are stoked to see what we can accomplish this year.

The band was founded in 2011 and recently signed with Manic Kat Records for the EP release.


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