New Hampshire post-metal trio Girih is proud to premiere their new album, Eigengrau – which comes out today – alongside a track-by-track commentary from the band.

Girih, which consists of Alex Paul, Brian Luttrell, and Jeremy Dingman, spent six months crafting the tone and direction of the band before even beginning to write material. Which brings us to Eigengrau, a post-rock-metal-part-instrumental work you can now jam below.


When we were writing this, we knew fairly early on that this would be the opener to the album. It has a very delicate opening that lets us unfold our sound onto the listener, and it really sets the stage for the rest of the album. There is an overarching story to the whole album, but it’s up to the listener to discover it.


“Sinneslochen” is definitely the most metal-influenced track. We spent a decent amount of time playing with the timings and how it would build. The silence in this song always gives the listener a bit of a chill and a key / mode shift in the middle keeps that eerie feel.


This was the first full song we wrote as a band after months of experimenting with sounds and textures. The main loop is the first piece that we kept, and it all blossomed from there. We used a piano on the track in the studio, and it gives it a vibe of sad nostalgia, which is a really interesting contrast to the rest of the song.


This was the last song we wrote for the album. It came together very rapidly and has some of the most switching between leads and rhythms. It’s a contrasting and dark piece, and the ending always comes in like a freight train.


Between the rhythmic opening leading into a slow hypnotic build and shifting sections that guide the listener down a journey, the track is a challenge to play. We are stacking layers and building something just to tear it out from under the listener.


We came up with the 4/4 over 5/8 groove, and it gives it a very circular vibe that feels like its circling around the listener. We used a Hammond organ on the record and let the whole track envelope you at the end. The last sounds are an amp running out of power, and it is always a great ending live, too.


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