Today, HM is proud to premiere the full stream of Ghosts Again’s newest EP, The Closest Thing to Closure. The EP comes out tomorrow, April 22. The post-hardcore band hails from North Carolina, and the trio was formed from the ashes of two previous bands, Close Up on the Quiet Ones and Messenger Down. The band works to write “in your face” riffs paired with “anthematic, emotionally driven melodies.” We spoke with vocalist Alex Cortright about the EP:

“We’re all just so excited to finally let everyone hear what we’ve created. It’s been a while since all of us have really invested ourselves into music until we formed this band. It’s been a long past few months getting ready to release this, so we just hope everyone can enjoy it and genuinely connect with the music in the way it was intended.”

You can preorder the EP from the band at their Big Cartel page.