Today, HM is proud to premiere the newest music video from Final Surrender for “Fallen Identities.” “‘Fallen Identities’ is based around this one line which predominantly fueled the flow of thought,” vocalist Joe Samuel said. “‘Existence dangerously precedes living.’ It’s just a reflection of what I saw in me and in the world around me.”

The quartet, formed in late 2010, released a number of independent EPs before signing to Rottweiler Records for the release of their sophomore album, Empty Graves, in 2012.

We spoke with drummer Jared Sandhy about the track:

“I had a lot of fun being in the studio with the guys after two years (off) and producing this new single. We took a very organic approach (with “Fallen Identities”) in terms of songwriting, and we kept that rawness in the studio. (We wanted) to contain that transparency in the music as much as (we could) in how it reflected our performances.

You can find Final Surrender on Facebook.


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