Dawnbreaker is a new death metal unit, the brainchild and artist name of musician Cullen Toner. A one-man band, Toner started Dawnbreaker this year after previously performing in occult black metal bands for over a decade. What changed? Toner “answered a call to the light and surrendered to Christ, creating Dawnbreaker to praise the Lord that saved me,” he said.

Since then, Dawnbreaker spent August 2017 through April 2018 writing and recording the music that would become the band’s debut album, Deus Vult (translated: ‘God wills it’ in vulgar Latin). Today, HM is proud to premiere the album’s opening track, “Vileness Exalted,” described by Toner as a “heavy take on Psalm 12 with the lyrics taken from the NASB translation.”

Toner also talked with HM about the album:

Deus Vult is the testimony of my path from persecutor to missionary of Christ. Wielding light into the darkest depths of death and black metal music, the album reveals the hope that is offered to even those farthest from God. Reflecting both the loyalty and brutality of the Templar warriors, the music of Deus Vult is a testament to the limitless reach of God’s grace and glory.”

You can follow the band and purchase the album through their Bandcamp.



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