HM is proud to premiere the new lyric video for “Lost,” the first single from Becoming Saints’ debut full-length record, Oh, the Suffering. The the Little Rock, Arkansas-based quintet signed on with Rottweiler for the release, and producer Simon Pettiford will helm the sound. “We’re exploring boundaries we’ve never really tried,” vocalist Drew Garrison wrote in to say about the album, “and taking a different approach toward all our songs. Simon is really pushing us. It’s an exciting time. We hope everyone loves it as much as we do.” Garrison continued:

“Our new record is the best work we’ve done as a band. We try to write from the heart with music and lyrics that coincide with the ups and downs in life that everyone can hopefully connect with. Rottweiler Records is a perfect fit for us. They really care about their artists and we’ve been nothing but happy with our interaction with them.”

Becoming Saints also features Jeff Bowie, ex-guitarist for Soul Embraced. The album comes after the success of their 2013 EP, Let This Not Be the End of Me, the first official music from the band, which originally formed in 2005.

The band is scheduled to play Audiofeed 2016 and will be featured as support for Living Sacrifice at the Serpent Stomp Festival at Route 66 Events Center in Tulsa, OK on April 23.


Top 25 Albums of 2020

The Top 25 Albums of 2020

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