Today, HM is proud to premiere the new music video for “Rebirth” from I Hate Heroes. The track comes from the Pennsylvania-based band’s debut EP, If Life Was a Book, I’d Skip This Chapter, which came out last summer. The horror-movie themed music video alludes to Rite to Hell, a slasher movie currently in production in which the song will appear.

Guitarist Ricky Nachurski told us a little about the plot for the clip:

“The video was a lot of fun to shoot, but very cold! I think the most gratifying thing was to see it all come together in the end when everything was in order, as we shot it out of order, in segments. The story line is based around the upcoming film Rite to Hell, which the song will be featured in. The premise of the video is Jimmy is abusive towards his girlfriend, who is enraptured with his best friend (Ephraim). Jimmy finds out that she is in love with Ephraim and schemes to kill Ephraim to keep his girl. Jimmy decides to fake his own death to lure the others to the cult. At the end of the video, the cult attempts to kill Ephraim by burning him in the coffin, but Jimmy’s girlfriend can be seen giving him poison, betraying him to save Ephraim.”

You can stream the EP in full over on YouTube, or listen below.


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