Today, HM is proud to offer a free download of The Silencer’s newest single, “Within.” The band – the brainchild of former Julius Seizure frontman and Will Killmore drummer Charlie Corletta – explores the mental battle young people face in the age of social media. In fact, The Silencer has partnered with Artists United Against Bullying to help fight for a better tomorrow.

Corletta expands on the single:

“I want people to know that, between the conflicts of good and evil that plague most of us internally, there is an inner light that can take us out of our darkest moments and into positive self-actualization.”

The single explores an intricate storyline regarding the resounding interpersonal and positive nature of the lyrical content of today’s youth specifically, suicide, bullying, mental health, social media exploitation, and sexual harassment.

To download, click the arrow in the embed above at the top right next to “Share.”


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