featuring Casey Corum & Friends, Live from the Sugar Land Vineyard.

Debut Album Release from the Newly Rebranded Vineyard Worship Label, Available in Stores October 2, 2012.

The Vineyard Church movement has always had a strong focus on creating music to help support the local church congregation in their corporate worship experience.  Now, with the rebirth of VINEYARD WORSHIP, the label has returned its focus to the wider definition of worship.  To kick off this re-branding, legendary Vineyard songwriter and worship leader Casey Corum will be releasing his debut album, THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM COME NOW.

Recorded live at Corum’s home church, Sugar Land Vineyard, located just outside of Houston, Texas, THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM COME NOW is filled with new and powerful congregational songs, born out of the Vineyard movement.  The album features not only Corum’s distinct tenor, but introduces the powerful voices of Torri Baker (Vineyard Church, Columbus, OH), and Crispin Schroeder (Northshore Vineyard, Covington, LA) as well as a 17-voice gospel choir.  Also featured on the project are Emmy-winning guitarist Bobby Hartry, and Vineyard UK drummer Jimmy Cooke.

Stylistically, threads of R&B, gospel, soul and modern rock weave together, creating a sound that is fresh and polished, while staying focused squarely on creating an atmosphere of intimacy with God.

“Every project that I’ve done in the past has served as a stepping stone on the pathway throughout my creative life,” Casey says. “This album as a whole does the best job of representing who I am, what I came from, and what I care about: engaging in intimate worship. Some may call it stylistically schizophrenic, but it all holds together.”

Vineyard’s focus to support the local church is evident, as the CD itself will contain helps for worship leaders, including free chord charts and lyric sheets to download.  On website, acoustic guitar tutorials, live worship videos and other bonus materials for the album will be available as well, free of charge.

Most of all, Casey and his friends involved in the THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM COME NOW project have one message:  God’s Kingdom is coming to transform this world and make all things right.

THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM COME NOW: Featuring Casey Corum & Friends, Live from the Sugar Land Vineyard, Available October 2, 2012 through Vineyard Worship.


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