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For those who assume there is nothing but snowy plains up in North Dakota — you are greatly mistaken. Glower, comprised of Josh Sibernagel of Hands and Sean Murray of Solar Systems, proudly hail from the Peace Garden State, and the alternative rock duo’s full-length, The Circle Binds, released through Broken Circles Records, has you referencing a number of alt-rock figureheads of years past. When listening to the album, you can expect each song to be reminiscent of various giants such as Nirvana, Starflyer 59 and Jimmy Eat World. Although the band clearly takes after their influences, Glower still has their own unique style that shines through on the record. The distorted guitar tones are definitely a nod to the quintessential Nirvana sound, and the riff-vocal-style combination are eerily similar to Jimmy Eat World.

Even though the group claims “alternative to the bitter end” on social media, there is something unique about Glower that is hard to find in everyday, average Joe alternative rock today. Despite the similarities to cornerstones, this record as a whole is it’s own animal, borrowing from greats and making it their own. These unique characteristics are difficult to pinpoint with words, but the music does it justice.


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