The award-winning documentary FREEDOM FIGHTER, is now available on DVD from Destiny Image Films.

dvd freedomfighter
Directed by Chris Atkins, this powerful film documents the work of human rights activist Majed El Shafie as he travels to Afghanistan and Pakistan seeking out those persecuted for their religious beliefs, and challenging their governments to change. Included in the film the the story of a little girl named Neha. When her family refused to convert to Islam, 2 year-old Neha was raped & nearly killed. In the film, cameras follow Majed as he works desperately to get Neha and her family out of Pakistan, where they lived for three years in hiding while being hunted by extremists.
Born in Egypt, Majed was arrested, tortured and sentenced to die after converting from Islam to Christianity. Majed managed to escape to Israel, before eventually settling in Canada where he founded One Free World International, an international human rights organization that focuses on the rights of religious minorities around the world and promotes tolerance, understanding and respect for diverse religious beliefs. The organization promotes awareness of human rights abuses and comes to the aid of those who are suffering because of their religious beliefs or expression.

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Best Documentary Feature – Colorado Film Awards
Gold Award – California Film Awards
Best International Documentary – San Diego Christian Film Festival
Official Selection – Brantford Film Festival


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