I kept waiting for it to happen – you know, the cheesy moment in “the Christian film,” where low-level talent gets your attention. Sometimes it’s in the writing department, with stale, predictable lines of dialog; and other times it’s just the acting performance that keeps you from believing the character in a certain role. Granted, there are a couple scenes in this movie that fall a little short, like one or two of the many male-bonding scenes in the firehouse between the support characters; and even the performance of the two main characters in the climactic scene at the end could have been shot a little better. However, overall Fireproof is a quality film here that never delivers the second-hand goods we were, unfortunately, expecting. Using fire-fighting as the backdrop, the struggle and challenge of nurturing (and sometimes saving) a marriage takes center stage here to good effect. Don’t expect an Oscar-worthy performance; but, in a world where indie films are treated with open minds, this one is good. The accompanying The Love Dare: Legacy Edition book (which started out as a simple prop/plot device in the movie) that B&H Publishing has made available in a cross-promotion with the DVD release is a substantial way to dig deeper into the film’s subject matter. More than a simple collectable item from the film, it’s actually an honorable way for this movie to make a lasting impact upon our culture. Not bad for the little film company that’s basically just the media outreach from Albany, GA’s Sherwood Church. [Sony Pictures Entertainment] Doug Van Pelt

Spiritual Relevancy: 100
Obscenities: 0
Scenes Of Gore: 0
Nudity/Sexuality: 0


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