I recently spoke with Michael “Jag” Jagmin of A Skylit Drive about his new clothing company, one that looks to enlighten people about the racism we all encounter in our everyday lives, and what we can do to end it. Racism is prevalent in all aspects of our lives whether we realize it or not, and it really is down to us to put a stop to it. Here’s what Jag had to say about his new clothing company and how he hopes it will be an integral part in today’s anti-racism movement.

A.W: Where did you get the idea for Finding Equality?

M.J: There are so many positive organizations that have the attention of the punk/hardcore/metal community, ie: TWLOHA, Keep a Breast, etc. I think what they’re doing is exciting. They’re spreading the word of very positive topics that people need to be aware of. Racism is simply a topic that really hits home with me.

A.W: What inspires you on a daily basis?

M.J: I get inspiration from everywhere. Interacting with people every day keeps me going with this. I just really want people to be aware, and change things while they can.

A.W: Where do you hope to take this clothing company in the future?

M.J:  I hope to reach to people all over the world. Racism of course doesn’t only affect America, but everywhere! I could only hope it will reach the same heights as others alike.

A.W: Do you take part in the design process?

M.J: The basic idea starts with me then my buddy Andy Boice runs with my idea and throws his own spin on it. It seems to be working well so far.

A.W: What has been your most rewarding experience so far with Finding Equality?

M.J:  Since FE is in some of its first stages I haven’t had the opportunity to have too many experiences with it, but I’m sure plenty will be coming my way soon.

A.W: How do you hope to combat racism through Finding Equality?

M.J: I hope this movement will simply open peoples’ eyes to the hate they either promote or neglect. I want this whole idea to turn peoples’ heads into a different/better direction.

A.W: Do you see Finding Equality becoming something similar to “To Write Love On Her Arms”?

M.J: I can only hope! TWLOHA has successfully reached out to so many people, and it’s really amazing what they do. The progress they’ve made with teens today is phenomenal and motivating.

A.W: What is Finding Equality’s manifesto?

M.J: To change the face of today! Let’s teach the world how to love.

You can visit Finding Equality’s website at to learn more and get your own t-shirt. While your there you can also learn how to arm yourself against racism.



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