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Fight The Fade begins their new album Second Horizons with an intro track titled “Alive” which immediately shows off their singer’s talent and range as well as the bands over all jamming rock style. The following track, “Beside the Dying Fire”, reminded me a bit of Breaking Benjamin. It starts off with a heavier breakdown style riff and calms down for the first verse and then picks back up into a ballad style chorus and smoothly transitions back into the first riff. The band also shows off some screaming in this track. The screaming vocals aren’t anything special but they fit well with this style of music and only reminded me more so of Breaking Benjamin. “Second Horizon”, the title track of the album and overall my favorite song on the album is next. It starts off with an electronic pulsing rhythm and picks up into another jamming rock groove. It proceeds into verses and choruses that strongly reminded me of the band Hands Like Houses, again, showing off the bands ability to smoothly transition between chilled out verses and hard hitting choruses. ”Confessional of Lies” is probably the most dynamic of songs on the album. It starts off a little differently than the first three songs with a smart rhythm and lead combination and continues to develop with the bands consistent pattern of ups and downs from verses to choruses, this time emphasizing the “down” feel with a very ambient bridge that, once again, builds the song back up into a jamming outro. If you’re looking for a heavier song to come out of this band then you will want to listen to the fifth track “Monolith”, which brings back the bands Breaking Benjamin feel and adding in some old Disciple riffs as well. The song is overall good for a band that probably hasn’t written a lot of heavier music with breakdowns, however, I felt that the very last breakdown was extremely disappointing and unnecessary for the song. It’s at this point in the album that I wished they had settled for a five or six song EP. Not that the rest of the album is bad, but the next interlude track and the songs “Lost” and “Ignition” reach a level of corny and already been done vibe that isn’t particularly satisfying. That being said, “Re-Archetype” puts up a good fight with “Second Horizon” for the spot of my favorite song on the album, bringing back that well-done Breaking Benjamin Rock hard rock groove. The last three songs on the album jump back to the corny and already been done and doesn’t add anything really new to the album. In conclusion, Fight The Fade definitely knows how to play rock and they have an extraordinary power house vocalist that I would love to see live. I wouldn’t be surprised to see their name on the set list for the main stage at festivals or touring with arena bands someday.


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