Hell on Earth

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A Feast for Kings

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In a genre soaked with amateurs unable to create a unique sound, A Feast for Kings has attempted to create something well-rounded and diverse. Although the group has definite room to grow, their debut six-track EP, Hell on Earth, is, overall, a solid collection of songs.

The band frequently experiments with melodic interludes and cleaner vocals interspersed throughout heavy drums and strong screams. Its sound is most distinct when the melodic elements begin to overlap the harder, more driven sections. “React/Regret” is the strongest track on the EP, with great integration between the melodic and more metal sections. At times, the melody continues alongside a driving bass line, and vocals descend into screams without the constant need for drums to back them up.

Some of the interjections and sound bites seem like forced additions for the hope of variety, and the lyrics have room for much additional depth. AFFK takes some small risks with Hell on Earth as it experiments with its sound, but the band could benefit from taking a few more as the members mature.