Album: The Everyday Broken Heart EP
Release Date: Fall, 2008
Members: Joey Bolognone – vocals/guitar/keys; Josh Salvage – drums/vocals; John Paul McLaughlin – guitar/vocals; Alec Gilfillan – bass
Recommended if you like: Mae, Relient K, The Postal Service

Name 3 bands that, had they not released a certain album at a certain time … and you would not exist as a band.

The Beautiful Letdown by Switchfoot
Live at Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash
Catch for Us the Foxes by mewithoutYou

If there wasn’t music, what skills would your members use and what would they do?

Alec has a BA in French Language and Literature so he’d be teaching that. John Paul would be a Major League Baseball player. Joey would be a writer and Josh would be a NY State Trooper.

What’s a secret or little-known fact about your band (or one of your band members) that would make you the darlings of the music world if we all knew it?

We are super heroes. Josh is Batman, Joey is Spiderman, John Paul is Superman and Alec is Flash Gordon. When we aren’t playing music, we are saving the world!

If there was another band and another album that you could give everyone as a present for Christmas, what album would that be? Why?

Beneath Medicine Tree by Copeland. When we first started Fazeshift, we met Copeland after a show they played. They were great guys to talk to and we’ve been encouraged by their success since then. Everyone should listen to Beneath Medicine Tree because it has a deep underlying message about finding meaning and purpose in life.

What is one belief, conviction, idea, or passion that you honestly think might’ve been deposited inside you or given to you by God?

Compassion for people. We have a desire to help others see their own value, and to encourage them to change their lives and circumstances for the better, whether through our music, our friendship or our prayers.

What’s one of the most memorable things (either good, bad, or funny) that’s happened at one of your shows?

This scene, punk/pop band was opening for the show, and their guitar player was running across the stage, bashed into the bass player’s face with his guitar, and they got into a fight on stage in the middle of the performance for the remainder of the song. The other members kept going, ignoring the brawl commencing behind them!

If you had a chance to perform for most of the televised world and play just one song, which song would you play … and why?

“The Ghost of My Good Side.” It’s a song about a person who loses sight of who they were. They’ve become self-absorbed and forgotten the importance of grace, and in doing so, damaged those closest to them. The song points out the importance of attempting to become that selfless person once again, restoring what was lost.

If a super surgeon removed all of your emotions and the ability to feel any emotion for the rest of your life, which one or ones would you most want to have back? Why?

Empathy. If we can wrap our minds around failure, and be able to comprehend forgiveness, we can also accept it for ourselves.

If you could ask God one question, what would you ask Him?

I would ask if we could ask 3 more questions. I need to know who shot JFK, if there will be Jamba Juice in Heaven and how long the Yankees will continue to be the best team in the MLB.

What’s the best video on youtube (like, if our readers had to type in a word or a few to search it, what would the keywords be?)?

The funniest youtube video I’ve seen in a while is “Scarlet takes a tumble.”

If someone came to you and said, “Hey! I need to make some changes in my life…Help me out! I’m going to take one piece of advice from you and apply it to my life and/or make it a habit for 30 days.” What would that piece of advice be?

“Bad company corrupts good character.” Pull yourself out of your current environment, and spend 30 days following someone who day by day, follows Jesus’ example, as recorded in the Bible.

In 4 sentences or fewer, explain how your band came to exist (and give us a date).

Joey and Josh began writing scrappy tidbits of tunes in Josh’s bedroom when we were 16, with a microphone and a cheap recording program. Our best friend, John Paul, purchased a guitar, desiring to strum a chord or two. A year later, we met Alec, our bass player, and began covering Switchfoot songs for fun, performing them at local church events. On February 18th, 2005, we coined a name, and started spreading our own tunes to any ear willing to hear.

What’s one question you’d always wanted to be asked in an interview?

The question would be “If you could create your own tour, who would you pick as your tour mates.” The tour would consist of Switchfoot, Relient K, The Starting Line and of course Fazeshift.




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