Update (12/17):

Last week Sounds Familyre announced their new Christmas compilation would be nothing but spectacular. Based on one of the most beautiful and enduring pieces of music in history: George Frederick Handel’s ‘The Messiah’. Familyre’s Messiah – Part I is our humble re-imagining of the first 18 movements, which tells of unimaginable peace and goodwill toward humankind and the shattering of impassible cosmic barriers; all summed up with trademark angelic concision: …and they will call him Immanuel (which means ‘God with us’).

This compilation has some of the most talented artist on it such as: Scott Patrick Knies, Lenny Smith, Liz Janes, Danielson, Aglow Hollow, Lauryn Peacock, Rachel and Jon Galaxy, Frog In the Reeds, Gutter Sparrow, Dan Zimmerman, Glockenbass, Whitni and Aaron Roche, Ortolan, Half-handed Cloud, Soul-Junk, Elin K. Smith, Vesper, and Yours Truly. This is one Sounds Familyre Christmas records for all to enjoy.

Grab the record!


It’s every indie-hipster’s favorite time of the year: Sounds Familyre Records’ sixth annual Christmas compilation. Let the fine people at Sounds Familyre explain:

This year we’re doing something totally different! Totally exciting! Bizarre! Beautiful! Totally INSANE! We’re mounting the first half of Handel’s Messiah: 18 whole movements of Christmas story by a cheerful and motley crew of Familyre Artists and Friends. Yup. You read that right…Handel’s Messiah.

We’re pretty excited to share our take on this extraordinary piece of music. It’s been an undertaking and a half (George Frederick was no slouch), but such a treat to do. There will be all appropriate hoopla and dancing in the streets when it’s released to the wide world, so stay tuned!

With that, we leave you to your week. Be sure to click here and start your Familyre Christmas listening!