Eternal Warrior Records signs acoustic artist Tym Walker and southern metal band Rent Veil

Eternal Warrior Records signs acoustic artist Tym Walker and southern metal band Rent Veil

LYNCHBURG, VA (February 5, 2013) – Eternal Warrior Records, a new Christian record label focused on releasing rock and metal music with a more traditional sound, today announces it’s first signed artists.

Rent Veil, a band that describes it’s sound as “southern praise metal”, is a heavy three piece band from Tennessee. Pulling influences from such acts such as Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society, Megadeth, and Pantera, Rent Veil forges their own identity of heavy music with faith-based lyrics based on true life experiences.

“Rent Veil has been through the turmoil of member changes and life’s disruptions to evolve into their strongest line-up. Tym Walker and I go back a long way” says Place of Skulls founder Victor Griffin. “With a heart for God and the passion in his songwriting, I’m glad to see their powerful southern style metal & balladry be given new life. “Another Promise” is my personal favorite…one of those songs I occasionally hear and wish I’d written. With endurance comes maturity, and Rent Veil has certainly endured. Typically, that’s a mark of only the best bands!”

The band’s debut EP “Praise Honour & Glory”, originally set for a 2011 release under Raging Storm Records, was shelved when the band went on hiatus shortly before the release. New for 2013, Eternal Warrior Records will be releasing the six song EP, recorded at Knoxville’s Sound Lair, as well as a new single. A release date and pre-ordering information will be announced soon.

Also joining the new label as a solo artist is Rent Veil’s singer and primary songwriter Tym Walker. Tym writes from the heart, and has accepted the challenge of venturing into new territory as a solo musician. Although the crossover potential with Rent Veil is apparent, there will be an entire album of dedicated music from Tym Walker coming this year that is sure to be a hit.

“Signing with EWR was truly a no-brainer” adds Walker. “No matter what members have come and gone or how long the Rent Veil hiatus was, there has been a relationship ongoing with J at Raging Storm Records since the inception of Rent Veil. Even the first time Rent Veil ever performed live was in Nashville for the label during GMA week!

“The thoughts of staying independent have crossed my mind numerous times. But by doing that, a band may not have insight from the outside. We all need the support of our brothers and sisters. Remember, iron sharpens iron!”

Eternal Warrior Records is thrilled to have Tym Walker and Rent Veil in the family. With a long history together, both professional and personal, these signings were a “no-brainer” for us as well!


With two new musicians in the band, Roy- a vet of the music world and Curtis, who is a “greenhorn” – Rent Veil have a desire to work in a new way. Opportunities are coming our way and we have to open the door to what God has in store for us. Not only as a blessing to us, but as our “reasonable service”. We believe in 2013 we will bring our music to places where it’s never been.

We are excited to see EWR grow with us and us with EWR. But we are not ignorant, we know there will be struggles and obstacles, but we have to see what God sees and not what is simply in our faces. We hold on to a firm belief that our skills are God,s gift to us and using them for His glory is our gift back to Him.

We’re not a band that’s going to shove a “Jesus crowbar” down your throat or run you over with a “freight train of truth”, but we are gonna deliver what we have been called to deliver and that is nothing more or less than Southern Praise Metal!

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