Emery is out and about, starting their new life a decade after their iconic The Weak’s End debuted. It’s a steep undertaking, so buckle up, and we’ll explain it all to you.

Let’s start with the press release that everyone was sent. You can read it here, but we’ll summarize it for you below.

Emery has left Tooth & Nail and started their own label, Bad Christian. (Amicably.) They will be releasing a new Emery album, You Were Never Alone, under this label. (Sweet!)

Rebranding everything as Bad Christian. Previously blogging under the name The Un-Learning Blog, they are rebranding their entire blogging, podcast, music and everything else as Bad Christian, so this label now incorporates more than just “bands.”

They’re launching a Kickstarter to help fund all of the new ventures of Bad Christian. Other than attend the Emery show, this is probably the best way to contribute to their cause. They start next week on Oct. 23 in Atlanta, GA, with support from The Classic Crime, This Wild Life and Peace Mercutio:

To commemorate, Emery will be playing their first record front to back with original drummer Devin Shelton for this one time event. This special and intimate show will be hosted by Matt & Toby, who will be performing songs, taking questions, telling stories, and introducing the bands. Devin, will be joining Matt & Toby for some classic Emery tunes from their other albums as well. This tour will be set almost exclusively in very small rooms just as Emery shows used to be back in 2003.

Their pulling Emery’s 10-year anniversary tour under the umbrella as well. If you want to go (which I highly recommend), you can grab any number of ticket packages.

They’re writing an eBook about their life and belief as fallen Christians. It’s “real,” as in they’re very open about their lives and their sin.

They’re looking for help. You can volunteer or intern in a number of cool ways, including graphic design and content writing. This is a very cool opportunity.

From their blog:

We believe in what we are doing as Bad Christian (Read the following for a deeper explanation). The positive response from you guys confirms this.  We can’t’ forget about those that say, “Emery, you just lost a fan” or “Stop this religious bullshit and play music.  We love your music but we don’t care about you guys as people!”  We love you guys too.

Editor’s Note: I try to reserve extended editorial commentary on news updates, but it seems appropriate to make an extra note here. The most important thing I can get across is that if it bothers you, don’t participate. If you believe in it, get behind it. This could also be phrased as, “You do you, I’m a do me.” Bad Christian is very clear that they are not a church and are not intended as a church substitute.


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