Elite TV News was in Washington D.C. May 3rd, 2012 for our National Day of Prayer. The meeting took place from within the House of Representatives Cannon Building. Representatives from the Judicial, Legislative, Executive and Military branches, except a representative from the current President’s office, participated in the elegant, powerful and unifying occasion. They each took the podium and shared the prayer needs of their department. The Azusa Pacific University Men’s Chorale sang powerful songs for the occasion. Interviews and coverage include Virginia’s Congressman Randy J. Forbes on the power of prayer, U.S. Presidential Candidate Dr. Wiley Drake and Vice Presidential Candidate Dr. Robert Ornelas on their mission to join with others in praying for the nation to come back to One Nation under God. Harry R. Jackson, Senior Pastor in Beltsville, MD on the Word of God being the foundation and instruction for running the country.

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