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Elevation Worship

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The three-song EP from Elevation Worship is a teaser to their full-length album under the same title, Only King Forever, which is being released on January 14. The worship arm of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, Elevation Worship has released five albums.

With the most recent, Nothing is Wasted (2013), debuting at No. 1 on the Christian Billboard chart, Elevation Worship is poised to vie with Hillsong as the go-to band in contemporary worship. In other words, Elevation Worship has mastered the tried-and-true worship formula — quiet piano intros segue into heart-felt and dramatic choruses with an electric guitar solo thrown in. There’s the climatic crescendo.

There’s nothing wrong with the formula (it sells very well), but the worship genre is overcrowded. The Only King Forever EP is nothing special, though I do like the track “Last Word.” If contemporary worship music is your thing, then you’ll like Elevation Worship.



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