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The Disconnect’s debut album, Currents, could be the one that takes the five-piece into the world of alternative rock. On the record, the group blends post-hardcore, rock and third-wave emo to form some kind of modern-rock hybrid. Think Story of the Year meets Mayday Parade with hints of former Tooth & Nail band Terminal.

On the album, The Disconnect shows it knows how to play a variety of songs. Expect to hear a blend of acoustic-led melodic songs (“Heavy Heavy,” “Brawler”) along with some straightforward rock tunes (“Hey Mom, Did You Wash My Onesie?”) and a few tempos in-between.

While the music is worthwhile, the lyrics prove to be the band’s weak spot. “Getting Old Ain’t for Sissies” starts with a great intro and successfully builds, thanks largely in part to the band’s guitarist and drummer. The vocals continue to push the song forwards until the lyrics come out: “Like a broken record / it repeats like burning coals beneath your feet.” Beyond using a few clichés, it just doesn’t make sense.

Likewise, the interestingly named “Hey Mom, Did You Wash My Onesie?” has nothing to do with moms, laundry or onesies. Instead, the lyrics are almost entirely the repeated chorus, “With a noose around your neck / do you still think you know what is best? / I confess I expected nothing less of you.” Hopefully the quality of the lyrics will match the quality of the music on the band’s next release.


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