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Deuteronomium is celebrating 20 years since the release of its first demo with a new album, The Amen. The final product has that melodic-death-meets-doom feel. Gone are the shouted style vocals found on Deathbed Poetry, and back again are the growls we have come to love. Both the music and the lyrics seem to be done in a worshipful manner. There are moments of extreme metal and praise genius, like on the song “Jehovah Sabaoth.” I found myself singing along — “Holy, holy is the Lord of hosts / Holy, holy is Jehovah Sabaoth.” There is some real maturity in the songwriting here, with moments of aggression interspersed within a crafted structure. So while the riffs are, at times, simple and atmospheric, the songs are completely enthralling. Truthfully, the past 20 years have given us some great music from this band, and with the release of The Amen, I find myself hoping for another 20 years from this band.