Hi Everybody!

Greetings from Florida. We’ve reached the southeastern most point of our tour. Today marks the start of our return to Portland. We’ll play around 20 shows along the way.

We’re still looking to fill a few holes. Let us know if you can help.

11/23/12 in Mobile, AL   Satori
11/24/12 in Huntsville, AL  1200 Wells Avenue
11/25/12 in Nashville, TN   Studio 100
11/26/12 in Memphis, TN   HELP
11/29/12 in Hot Springs / Little Rock / Fayetteville – HELP
11/30/12 in Burleson, TX (Dalls) – 563 Shamrock
12/02/12 in Austin, TX   Cobra Studios
12/03/12 in Houston, TX   Avenue L
12/04/12 in Waco, TX   525 N 32nd St.
12/05/12 in Killeen, TX   HELP
12/06/12 in Abilene, TX 1215 Monroe St.
12/07/12 in El Paso / Las Cruces   HELP
12/08/12 in Tuscon, AZ   Tanlines
12/09/12 in Phoenix, AZ    HELP throwing a Kids Show
12/10/12 in Las Vegas, NV   Yayo Tacos
12/11/12 in Pomona, CA   VLHS
12/12/12 in Sante Fe Springs, CA   Dead and Buried Merch Co
12/13/12 in Visalia, CA   House Show
12/14/12 in San Jose, CA   Rock Shop
12/15/12 in San Francisco / Bay Area, CA   HELP
12/16/12 in Sacramento, CA    The Colony
12/17/12 in San Francisco / Bay Area, CA   HELP

Keep in mind this will be the last national Destroy Nate Allen tour before we take a sabbatical from the road.  If you know someone in any of the towns we’re visiting please invite them to come to a show.

When you get a chance head over to BANDCAMP and download the acoustic version of album With Our Powers Combined. It is called The Eureka Recordings and it’s free!

Below are a few links that will give you a window into our life on the road:

Video from our show in Kalamazoo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TvU-VoiIxU
Here’s a photo from our show with Five Iron Frenzy:

We can’t wait to see everyone again. Thanks for reading and for being awesome!


Destroy Nate Allen



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