Solid State Records and Demon Hunter proudly debut a new song, “Tie This Around Your Neck” on the band’s MySpace page today.  The stream follows an exclusive world premiere on Liquid Metal Sirius XM, and is part of the official “50 Days Of Demon Hunter” online campaign.

“The world will tell you to lead yourself. This song is the antithesis of that ideal,” says vocalist Ryan Clark about the meaning and title of the track.  “We believe that we are a flawed people, and that man, given unto his own will, will fail. Therefore, using our flesh as a compass in life is a path that leads only to destruction. The burden of relying only on yourself is like a weight around your neck, and when the people and forces of the world encourage us to live this way, we tell them to ‘save their breath'”

“Tie This Around Your Neck” is the first song to be released off of the band’s upcoming album THE WORLD IS A THORN, which will be available in stores and online March 9th.  Multiple versions of the record will be available: A Regular Edition (with two separate covers painted by metal visionary Dan Seagrave), and a Deluxe Box Edition featuring the following contents:

  • CD With 2 Exclusive Bonus Tracks
  • DVD Featuring The Making of “The World Is A Thorn” and a Live Acoustic Set
  • 20-Page Booklet with Exclusive Artwork, Photos and Handwritten Lyrics
  • 2 Fold-Out Posters Featuring Original Artwork by Dan Seagrave
  • 3 Photo Cards
  • Demon Hunter Handkerchief
  • Set of 4 Buttons
  • Sticker
Both editions of THE WORLD IS A THORN are currently available for pre-order in the Solid State Store with bundle options that contain a hat, long-sleeved t-shirt and three patches for either version.

Please check out the “50 Days Of Demon Hunter” at  For 50 days straight fans will have access to exclusive Demon Hunter content, information, track listings, contests, images, videos, and much more!

Demon Hunter is an anomaly in today’s heavy music scene, jettisoning fashionable trends and easily recognizable cliches in favor of traditional heavy metal power and melodic hooks. THE WORLD IS A THORN recalls the best of the genre’s past while pushing the envelope forward at the same time.  The album follows previous studio albums STORM THE GATES OF HELL (2007), THE TRIPTYCH (2005), SUMMER OF DARKNESS (2004) and DEMON HUNTER (2002), as well as the live album and three-disc CD / DVD set 45 DAYS, which have sold close to a combined half a million copies.

Demon Hunter is Ryan Clark (vocals), Jonathan Dunn (bass), Yogi Watts (drums), Patrick Judge (guitar) and Ryan Helm (guitar).

For more information visit:

Deluxe Box Edition Contents


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