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Dead Leaves, both the name of the new self-titled EP and the band, have left the pop-punk attitude of their first release behind for a more melancholy and introspective album this time around. Songs are never too slow or unspeakably fast; rather, they swing back and forth like waves crashing and receding, making the overall feel of the album very mellow and shoegazer. The fuzzy tones and simple melodies of the guitar mesh perfectly with the personal lyrics for an introspective and somber album.

The EP suffers from a lack of variety, though; each track generally following the same patterns starting slow, picking up speed, switching around and ultimately ending on a slow note.

The standout track on the EP is “Confidence,” which strikes the perfect balance of pacing and showcases a great dynamic between the guitar and vocals. Dead Leaves is a good listen, and the band’s softer sound and honest lyrics that fans will find easily relatable, making them accessible and easy to fall in love with.