DAVE ELKINS of MAE Launches New Project, SCHEMATIC

Announces Indiegogo Campaign

Check out new music from Dave Elkins (http://vimeo.com/50943231)


After traveling the globe for over a decade performing with world-renowned Alternative/Indie band, Mae, lead singer Dave Elkins has embarked on a new journey called Schematic Community. Schematic Community will be the ultimate social network for the creative mind. Providing a place to share, learn and interact, it allows creators and enthusiasts alike to share their passions and connect through open forums and online galleries. In short, Schematic is meant to be a microcosm within the music and art industry that relies on grassroots growth through community.

“With crowdfunding, social networking, and other tools, many emerging artists don’t actually need a loan. They just need a community to connect with, a long term business plan, and increased opportunities to succeed. This is what Schematic will become.” – Dave Elkins

Schematic recently launched an Indiegogo campaign in hopes to raise $50,000. For a complete breakdown of perks and to donate, please visit: http://bit.ly/Sxkdd0

Perks: 1 Year Schematic Community Subscription, Fluorescent EP (Vinyl and hand-numbered Option), Color (n.) Inside The Lines LP (Vinyl and hand-numbered Option), IAMSCHEMATIC tee, (2) tickets to Schematic Spring Tour, demo recording of both EP/LP, and Limited Edition Artwork/poster by Dave.

Major perks: Record with Dave! He will record, produce, mix and master at Schematic Studios. One artist Dave records will have the chance to record a FREE full length album with the opportunity to release on Schematic Records. Have Dave play an acoustic house show performing Schematic and MAE songs. Schematic lifetime member including Executive Producer credit for Color (n.) Inside The Lines, Dave’s Takemine acoustic guitar, and receive new music by Dave before anyone else.

About Schematic:
If you are an artist, a musician, a graphic designer, a photographer, a painter, a filmmaker, if your passion is listening to music, finding new bands, putting on shows, spreading the word about new music, connecting people, helping others in need, serving your community, then Schematic needs you because Schematic is you.

1. Schematic Records is a traditional record label that promotes and distributes the work of Schematic artists, but does so through innovative channels, allowing artists to meet listeners through creative promotion and marketing. If you are an artist with recorded or completed material and are looking for a label to partner with, Schematic is already taking submissions.

“We are nothing like other labels. We are a community that deserves something better than what most labels are providing. We will provide opportunity, growth, and reward.” – Dave Elkins

2. Located in the heart of Nashville, Schematic Studios is a fully functional recording studio equipped with a complete staff (audio engineer, producer, mixing engineer, editor, mastering engineer) aiming to assist artists in both the creation and funding of their art. Schematic is accepting submissions from artists interested in experimenting in a new style of management as well as seeking interns and talent scouts.

3. With a focus on community and grassroots movements, Schematic Management will help artists navigate the rapidly evolving music industry by understanding every aspect of their business while using the Schematic Community to promote new art.



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