Come&Live! is a new non-profit music venture with a current roster of 16 artists who are committed to giving their art away as free music downloads in an effort to share their passion and talents with all people of all nations. Based in Nashville, Tennessee Come&Live! is made up of musicians and staff members who live as “musicianaries,” laboring out of a genuine commitment to their faith in Jesus and trusting God to provide for all their needs so that they may live simply to give generously to the global needs of others.

Nashville, TN February 2010 – Come&Live!, a non-profit music venture, recently launched its website offering five free album downloads, in addition to it’s first sampler, “I Am Living!, Vol. One.” These downloads are designed to uplift, inspire and encourage as well as to give others a fresh perspective on faith in Jesus. In addition to digital generosity, Come&Live! will give 100% of its profits to the needs of others. The organization also employs a unique focus of training and mentoring artists to model a life of faith and humility. Come&Live! founder, Chad Johnson explains, “One of the tenants driving Come&Live! is that of living simply to give generously and then helping artists do the same. This is our attempt to return to a simple life of faith whereby we focus on sharing with others – believing that it is ‘better to give than it is to receive.’”
Debut Free Music Downloads:

In a down economy giving away products and services is a boon for consumers. Often this marketing approach is implemented as a way to encourage consumers to purchase additional merchandise. Come&Live!, on the other hand, is doing something uniquely different – giving away free music downloads without any financial obligations. There are no hidden agendas, no secrets, and no fine print – rather the vision is one of implementing radical generosity in tangible form.

What has been particularly shocking has been the demand from artists to join hands with such an out-of-the-box idea. Chad Johnson states, “We’ve been approached by countless different bands, though for now our focus is to retain a smaller roster to ensure we develop a sustainable model with an atmosphere conducive to long-term growth.”

In addition to free music downloads, Come&Live! is currently forming partnerships with other non-profit agencies who support humanitarian and missions efforts. 100% of all Come&Live! profits will be funneled through these partnerships in order to help meet the needs of others, those needs that exist on both a local and global scale.

As a result of this calling, Come&Live! artists and staff live as “musicianaries,” laboring out of a genuine commitment to their faith in Jesus and trusting God – through the generosity of others, to provide for all their needs so that they may continue living generously.

Please visit to enjoy free music downloads or to find out how to join this forward-thinking effort.


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