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Come and Rest is a four-piece metalcore/post-hardcore act out of Atlanta, GA. Released in 2013, their first EP, Royal Blood, earned some much-deserved attention. That momentum has carried forward into their latest release, Blacklist, a follow-up EP that shows a young band refining its sound with greater confidence.

Blacklist’s onslaught begins in its openings seconds as the band tears into an impassioned six song rush. The band only eases back on “Dead Poets Society,” which features atmospheric instrumentals behind the “Why do we read and write poetry?” speech from the eponymous Robin Williams flick. Blacklist plays out on a couple of tracks more like a lit fuse burning down to an explosion, with the another duo — the desperate “Slowburn” and the full-on aggression of “Soapbox,” with its memorable “you’re just a snake with a soapbox” line — are both standout tracks.

The throaty hardcore vocal style stirs up the fist-in-the-air intensity and the cleans are delivered with fitting attitude. The production is excellent, giving the songs rawness without any element of the music getting buried in the mix. We’re left with enough texture and grit to really make it fun.

Blacklist isn’t a breakdown-heavy hardcore album, and also avoids falling into too many metalcore clichés. Instead, they land in the middle in a pleasing hybrid filled with metal riffs, chunky guitars, and killer drum work that give each song a personality of its own.


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