Worship band Citizens, is announcing their new band name: Citizens and Saints. The band also released the date for their second album, Join the Triumph, which is scheduled to drop Oct. 28.

Frontman Zach Bolen explains the name change:

Shortly after our first independent release, Already/Not Yet, it came to our attention that there was another band in the UK with the same name. While both bands are in two separate genres we recently came to an agreement with ‘Citizens!’ of the UK that the best move for both bands moving forward was for us to change our name. For starters, we want to support our friends in ‘Citizens!’ as they are making some incredible music and in fairness, have been a band operating under that name longer than we have. Secondly, in the end we knew that higher than our band name, is the name of Jesus. So after some careful study of the Word and prayer we have decided to change the name to ‘Citizens and Saints.’

The band’s original name was inspired by Ephesians 2:19 and, despite the name change, they still aim to proclaim the gospel through song. Citizens and Saints is Zach Bolen (frontman), Nate Garvey (keys), Nathan Furtado (bass), Spencer Abbott (guitar), Jeremy Kelderman (percussion), Adam Skatula (drums), and Brian Eichelberger (co-writer/producer/keys).


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